Commitment Ceremony

For some couples, a legal union is not possible or what they want. I can offer you a ceremony which allows you to celebrate your present and future commitment to each other and to share this with family and friends, in a way which is personal and very special.

Together, we can design a commitment ceremony that signifies the importance of this exciting step you are taking as a couple.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a baby is a wonderful and exciting event in the life of any mother or couple and their friends and family. You can welcome this new life and mark the significance of the day by having a baby-naming ceremony that is shared with all those you care about. Your baby can be welcomed with a ceremony that will be special and meaningful – perhaps a tree planting ceremony or a flower ceremony – whatever you desire.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

What better way to celebrate your many years together and to re-affirm your love for each other than by holding a ceremony renewing those wedding vows you made and sharing this joyous event with friends and family.

Together as a couple you can design a beautiful and uplifting renewal of vows ceremony which allows you to reflect on the journey you have made and to express your dreams for the future.
A fantastic way to celebrate a special anniversary!

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